About Us
Like with any other mom constant hugs and cuddles at night, the crazy but fun pillow wars & the daily negotiations on which PJ with which Nightshirt with each of our boys– was a daily mantra!

Muckta and Nimisha both are mothers of boys. Having studied fashion merchandising from Pearl Academy of fashion, the inclination towards fashion was always there. While Muckta pursued her masters from Nottingham Trent University, Nimisha dived into the trade gaining first-hand experience at the garment manufacturing unit. 
With over 10 years of experience in the garment industry, we constantly saw a vacuum of quality kids clothes at a reasonable price. We saw how comfort was just wasn't the top priority while not losing the style quotient. The comfy clothes were not fancy enough and fancy clothes were not comfortable enough. With each of their baby boys growing up leaving them more time in hand, this was one thing we wanted to creatively resolve. Having family businesses in the dyeing/printing/embroidery and home industry for decades, garment manufacturing was just an effortless next best step. So, little conversations over family dinners turned lengthy and enthusiastic discussions and soon after in 2015– “Hugsntugs “ came alive.

Hugsntugs is our expression of curating to secure children’s fantasies; be it their favourite character or concept they like to toy with or the upcoming festivities. Over the years we explore and expand step by step but the brand virtue remains the same that is - to ensure that a child is at utmost comfort without compromising at the style quotient while keeping the price just right. Happy Shopping :-)

Nimisha Arora